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Economic Dimension

With a turnover of the last exercise of 872 million Euros, the AN Group is leader of the Spanish cooperativism. With more than 1,6 million of annual tons, the Group is the biggest cereal cooperative of Spain; the fourth poultry operator with the breeding and the commercialization in all packaging of more than 160.000 chickens per day; it represents the main producer of the prestigious and recognized fruits and vegetables over the world, like the Asparaguses from Navarre, Artichokes of Tudela or Peppers of Lodosa, besides in all packaging, prepared in own fresh industries, in season, 4th and 5th range, cooled and canned food. We can add the agricultural spare parts and services, showing that the AN Group is also a model in fuels, with nearby 60 petrol stations in network open to the public and several basis of distribution; Insurance Brokerage, fertilizers, seeds and Phytosanitary products. It has own stores and teams of professionals to advice, besides that it completes the ranching cycle, with broodings, genetics, fabrications of fodders, veterinary services, process centres with slaughter, ready prepared food, cooked….; The commercial security for the partners, united to the quality of the products, the development of own industries and the prestige of the cooperative with the arrival of the democracy, with the overcome of the regional and national borders in a global politics, austerity, professionalization and opened doors.


Economic data (data from the last financial year. June 30, 2017)


Billing · 872 million euros



Equity and similar · 108 million euros



Job: 1.603 employees



30,000 member cooperatives producing farmers



Cooperatives partners: 159. Located in Navarre, Andalucía, Aragón, Castile and León, Castile-La Mancha, Extremadura, La Rioja, Murcia and Basque Country.

Employees: 1.603 (not included the cooperatives’ partners and the direct jobs that have an exclusive activity for the Group like the carriers).


Cereals: 1,6 million of annual tons (The biggest Spanish cereal cooperative)

Fruit and Vegetables: 657.000 tons (Between fresh, 4th and 5th range and canned food)

Poultry: 160.000 chickens per day

Pork: 800 porks per week


Feed: 200,000 tons

Agricultural supplies: Fertilizers (190,000 MT.), Seeds and plant (40 million euros)

Fuels: 240 million liters. 60 stations open to the public self-service

Hardware / Parts. 3 large shops own

Insurance. More than 17,000 farm-insurance policies Agromutua partners and general-Own Brokerage

In addition to marketing the products in bulk, cool-storage centers, logistics, standardization, packing and shipping own-, AN Group relies on its processors, a 100% of the group and other investees. In addition to increase their competitiveness and versatility the group has interests in several leading companies in their sectors and a wide network of facilities and services to support its members and to provide an excellent service to its customers.

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