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Much more than a marketer


Grupo AN offers farmers a full range of services and products that transcend the mere marketer and make Fertilizer Section a "fellow traveler" indispensable for the farmer.

  • Advice and closeness. Fertilizers section establishes a close relationship with each client, studying each case to provide the best product and treatment that will achieve the best results.
  • The best product wherever you areGrupo AN works with leading national suppliers and seeks the best ratio between quality and price, in addition to acting as dealer for Fertiberia. To deliver greater value and, when prices are most competitive and are more satisfactory conditions, the Grupo AN leverages its expertise and reliability to go to foreign markets and import products that do not exist in our country. Fertilizer Section distributes the full range of products available, from synthetic liquids and solids to organic products such as nitrogen and phosphates, potash and other nutrients. All solutions that producers need to exploit (Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium - NAC 27, Diammonium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, 15-15-15, No. 32, etc..)
  • Mixers. Having the same units at the lowest price, fertilizesr for farmers and all partners and customers is our goal. Grupo AN has mixers for use at all times, products that are more economical to increase the performance without losing effectiveness.
  • Advanced Logistics. Grupo AN has an extensive network of stores that guarantees the most suitable fertilizer for each area, serving the needs of all producers as quickly as possible and offering the most competitive prices.

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