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Maximum reliability from the source, only certified seeds that best  suit our farmers

The AN Group Seed Section offers farmers all the advice they need in addition to put in your hand only certified and fully controlled products so that the production process starts in the best conditions.

  • Advice and closeness. the AN GroupSeed Section pay attention to farmer groups and advises on the product that best suits their needs. We help them choose a suitable seed,  is one of the basic pillars to achieve a top quality product.
  • Marketing. AN Group only sell certified seeds that meet all quality parameters. Cereal seeds, protein crops, oilseeds, horticultural and pasture, in all their varieties also both intensive crops such as (wheat, durum wheat, barley feed and malting barley, corn, sunflower, vetch, alfalfa, rye grass, rape, pea, rice vegetable seeds ). Leading brands and products recognized as Limagrain, Marisa, Maisadur, ragt, Syngenta Seeds and Pioneer are delivered as quickly as possible from central or local stores. 
  • Multipliers. The AN Group multiply seeds in the best fields of Aragon, Castile and León, La Rioja, Navarre and the Basque Country, always under the control of our own technical team and are directly monitored by the government agencies, research and experimentation institutes .

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