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The Grupo AN is the leader in its area both in hardware and agricultural and irrigation parts, small tools, lubricants, plastics and all products needed by farmers as professionals for their farms. We have three large stores in Olite-Tafalla, Tudela, Estella, open to the public, where we expose and offer thousands of references of domestic hardware, gardening, DIY, appliances, work clothes, spare parts and accessories for vehicles, wheels, small appliances ...

To all this,  the sections provided by themselves, to add specific spaces which offer food produced by Grupo AN fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods, rice, wine, oil, cheese, sausages, ham ... - Caceco pet food and the most popular products-cage, muzzles, leashes ... - and plant protectors. Always prevail quality products that are require by professionals in self served stations with the advise of our experts, with maximum competitiveness that works to the satisfaction of customers with growing revenues now exceeding five million euros.

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