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Agricultural Spare Parts

Specific solutions for professionals

Grupo AN with its centuries-old vocation supporting the farmer and the cattleman who will, later inherent in their activity our philosophy. This support process involves a broad range of services offered to the producer to develop the most efficient and competitive as possible product.

In the field of agricultural spare parts professionals need them every day ,Grupo AN responds in the best way possible, putting in his hand all kinds of products, materials, small agricultural machinery and general hardware. The highest quality products and most competitive prices. Grupo AN ability fallows unbeatable prices that are achieved, in closed agreements with the manufacturers that even make customized products as poles for vineyards or plastics for specific crops such as asparagus, tomato or pepper. Bars, wires, plastic padding, plastic greenhouses and silage, vineyard poles, protective plants, hoes, shovels, sardes, mangers, troughs ...

Grupo AN offers unique products tailored to the needs of farmers and ranchers at unbeatable prices.

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