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DIY and Hardware

Solutions for the user, all you need for renovation, repair and home improvement

Grupo AN specializes in serving the farmer and the cattleman, for them to be abel to buy the utensils that allow them to fulfill the repairs on their lands, but does not forget the average userl and the growing interest in DIY(Do it Yourself) and the decorating process. So in our stores you will find everything needed for repairs and improvements for your own home, plus all kinds of tools, utensils, furniture and items for decoration. A wide range of solutions for home, and as always staffed by specialists who advise and listen to you , ffering, as always,  unbeatable prices.


The most complete hardware-store for professionals and users

To support the farmer and the cattleman in activity Grupo AN offers all kinds of tools, accessories, auxiliary machinery, etc.. so you can deal with any alteration, repair or improvement in your installation. The hardware of course is also open to the user in such a way that you can find any items needed for your home.

Everything you need, in the same place and staffed by the best professionals to solve any problem with unbeatable prices.

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