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Livestock Insurance

AN Group Agricultural Insurance, the peace of mind for the farmer and the cattleman

The hiring of an insurance by a farmer or a cattleman can make the very continuation or not of their activity with a serious problem. Therefore AN Group offers decades a full range of products and services for the farmer and the cattleman, and have an absolute quietness to any kind of problem. AN Group brings to the table its expertise and resources to ensure that cooperatives and farmers and cattlemen have a full warranty insurance, an essential tools for the management of their lands.

  • Advice on recruitment. The work of the AN Group Insurance is to advise contracting cooperatives in agricultural insurances. To do this, we keeps customers informed about any news that might be of interest, since the amendment to our policy may suffer during the subscription period, until the extension of the terms of the contract.
  • Training  of the personnel working in our cooperatives. The training of personnel involved in talking to farmers and cattlemen regarding to insurance is basic. In this regard of the AN Group Insurance Section that regularly provides training on issues related to agricultural insurance (appraisals).
  • Assistance with contradictory appraisals. The Insurance Section defends clients in getting conflicting expert opinions available to all members of our cooperatives providing an external expert to conduct an independent report. Third parties also managed their generated appraisals.
  • Managing grants from the C.C.A.A. Each cooperative that our insurance policy for the first time with the Insurance Section AN Group is included in the database of eligible policyholders in the Department or Ministry of Agriculture of the Community.
  • Disclosure of agricultural insurance. A farmer or a cattlemen informed is a farmer or cattlemen much more prepared  in a matter as important as agricultural insurance. AN Group is very aware of this need for information and through the Insurance Section organizes lectures and courses with members of the cooperatives to inform them of the advantages of having your insurance with the AN group.
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