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Frutas y verduras en la escuelaThe foundation of Grupo AN a non-profit entity incorporated in 2003 with the aim to promote, develop and encourage research and activities in any area of rural and agro-environment.

Productos de las cooperativas en las acciones de la Fundación


La Fundación del Grupo AN es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro que se constituyó en el año 2003 con el objetivo de promocionar, desarrollar y fomentar investigaciones y actividades en cualquier área del ámbito rural o agroindustrial.


The foundation of the Grupo AN works daily to achieve the following objectives.


  • Training partners and key workers cooperatives
  • Diffusion characteristics of the cooperative movement in the social environment in which develop cooperative activities.
  • Promotion of cooperative relations
  • Promotion, development, protection, development studies, research and activities in any area or in rural agribusiness framework and promotion of farming and direct marketing or through other companies and organizations for the production in common.
  • Scientific and technical research of environmental issues
  • Management of public and private resources to cultural, environmental or promoting rural and agricultural cooperativesEn los invernaderos de Centex se llevan a cabo proyectos de investigación agraria

The management of public and private resources to cultural, environmental or Promoting rural and agricultural cooperatives of Grupo AN are performed :

  • Directly on their own or other centers
  • In granting economic aid
  • Giving grants to institutions
  • Participating in the development of the activities of other entities carrying matching or complementary to those of the Foundation.
  • By conducting studies, research, courses and conferences. 
  • Through publications, exhibitions and other personal activities

Currently, the Grupo AN Foundation has established agreements with various Spanish institutions, mainly in Navarre, with the main objective to promote issues related to the rural environment.

  • Caja Navarra (CAN): with this bank, the AN Group Foundation, conducts research projects and seeking new outlets in rural areas. Participate in the project «You Choose you Decide».
  • ANECOOP : With this cooperative Valencian Spanish horticultural sector leader, Grupo AN Foundation, working together to promote the consumption of fruits, mainly in European Union countries.

The AN Group Foundation  coordinates, promotes and encourages the development of INNOVATION, mainly in collaboration within the rural or agribusiness cooperative environment.Annually, the AN Group Foundation prepares a report INNOVATION projects in which it participates for dissemination in the rural and agribusiness cooperative environment, promoting synergies and cooperation projects.



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