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A hundred years of natural alimentation with a great organization

  • A hundred years of natural alimentation with a great organization, Grupo AN, is one of the most important  agroalimentarian cooperatives  of Spain, that operates in the cereal, fruit, vegetables, poultry, pork, oil, wine, feed, agricultural supply (seeds, plant protectors, fertilizers), fuel, spare parts, hardware and insurances that count with an important presence, not only in Spain but in more than seventy countries.
  • Grupo AN has build up an organization for more than a century - geographically located in the northern part of Spain - grouping nowadays 42.000 farmers and livestock owners, 163 cooperatives, and more than 1.600 workers that have been capable of living through the philosophy and values that the founding cooperativistas initiated, betting for innovation, technology, and new requirements of the market.
  • Grupo AN is a model of supra autonomous cooperative because of the strength and security of their philosophy built by the values of commitment, transparency, the supreme quality, security, and alimentation traceability. The application of all their products to the Natural Alimentation concept, englobe not only the values of their own product but of the whole organization that aims to offer only the best to clients and consumers.
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