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Social Dimension

Social Responsibility Cooperative is our reason to be since its incorporation in 1910.

As a company in the social economy, which remained active throughout his life cycle works with values that are the essence of Corporate Social Responsibility, where service and commercial security products to tens of thousands of small farmers who constitute the social base which, in addition, each year receive the largest portion of the profit generated by the company.

It guarantees 42,000 farmers integrated with 163 local cooperative marketing of all its products and the receipt of the goods.

Distribution each year 70% of the profits that get into all processes and all business partners who co-operatives within it the 42,000 farmers partners.

All this, with the objective end users with instant response for the satisfaction of all customers, led to convert to a national reference as the largest grain cooperative in Spain, diverse, with plants before -thinking to provide consumers with high quality unique, innovative, safe poultry for both fruits and vegetables. All industries avant-garde Grupo AN operates with the crops and farm production in rural areas, by the fact that the wealth and employment generated are also rural, setting the population and contribute to the balance territorial. The majority of rural employment that is generated is more feminine.

Cooperatives, with industries Grupo AN, are driving the development of areas that advance towards depopulation. It completes the cycle from beginning to end from seed to consumer through the transformation of specific industries, for what it brings to the natural feeding close, safe, traceability and high quality society, more very competitive.

This is the main referent of the most prestigious designations of origin, which require controls to respective Regular Tips with food safety requirements and high quality standards established by Community legislation, which goes far beyond.

The full information and transparency for partners are the tools that provide the fidelity and the farmers cooperative partners who have complete freedom each year to work in the activities they choose.

Since the establishment in 1910 it publishes, uninterrupted, a journal to inform partners today and monthly name Acción Cooperativa (Cooperative Action), Dean of the sector and, in many places, the only way to printed communications they receive and received. For more than a decade organizing a Painting Contest for Children only for rural areas, where we dive into the roots constituting the first time since the competition with the largest participation of undergraduate primary.

Also in the last decade is formed AN Foundation to maintain and systematize its values of social responsibility, information, training, transparency, protecting the environment, innovation, territorial balance, protecting especially the lowest population in rural areas, women and children and the generation of resources to restore the same rural social base built by the 42,000 farmers and ranchers, the property of all the Grupo AN, which, as such, receives the benefits.

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