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The Hundred Year Enterprise

Grupo AN; 1910-2010

During 2010, Grupo AN celebrated their one hundred anniversary; 100 years of work with thousands of cooperativistas, partners, workers...etc, several generation of farmers, of some anonymous and some renown men and women, that have contributed to build an industrial conglomerate making of it, a reference, today, for the social economy and agro alimentation in Spain.


More than 100 years of history that also mean, more than one century offering Natural Alimentation produced in Spain, this was celebrated by Grupo AN during 2010 with a number of activities, events, and actions. The year in which the company took the leadership, avoided until then, to thank for all the support and recognition, for their strength of maintaining themselves in the correct path, from the higheststate institutions, as from the Spanish Government, Grupo AN was awarded with several distinctions; "Premio Extraordinario Alimentos de España" (Extraordinary alimentation award of Spain), the Spanish royal family, also recognized the labour of our company, inviting the cooperative representatives and promoting our business projects. 

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