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100 year - Activities

The Princes of Asturias recieve the AN Group for their one hundred anniversary

The royal Princes of Asturias and Viana, Don Felipe de Borbón and Doña Letizia Ortiz, congratulated the An Group and hailed them for their future prospects, during the audience they held in Pamplona the past 30 of December, during the celebration of the centenary.


Great participation during the central act of the Centenary


Tha chamber hall of the Baluarte came out to be small for the main act of the AN Group centenary. Many institutional figures didn´t want to miss this important event, the president of the AN Group Francisco Arrarás, the president of the Navarre Goberment, Miguel Sanz; the minister of rural and sea environment, Rosa Aguilar; the president of the Navarre Parliment, Elena Torres; the mayoress Yolanda Barcina; the Counselor of rural develpment and enviromental issues, Begoña Sanzberro and the president of the Union of Agrarian Cooperatives of Navarre, José Maria Martinez.

The Minister and the Foral Goverment vaunt the 100 years of the AN Group


The president of the AN Group, Francisco Arrarás, summarized the 100 years of the company before referring to the actual situation and talking about future projects. "Today we present an example for success that was able to emerge from its own ashes thanks to the trust and union of thousand of farmers" said Arraras in his speech.


List of the Counselors during the Act of the Centenary


The 23rd of November, was a very emotive day for all the member of the AN Group, but specially for those who have formed part of the Governing Councils of the company as they were recognized with a silver key chain, with each of their names on it. The presidents of the An Group, Jose Mari Lander, Francisco San Martin y Antonio Urzaiz assisted to the event, and  so did the managers and directors, such as, Jose Javier Muguerza y Sabin Goicolea and more than fifty counselors.


Great success during the Event organized by the AN Group 



The seminar speech was made by the Professor of Animal Production of the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) Antonio Purroy; the general director of the Industrial Alimentation Market, Isabel Bombal; the general director of Anecoop, Joan Mir, the general director of the Agro-Alimentarian Cooperative of Spain (CCAE), Eduardo Baamonde; the Senior Partner of DRS-USA Victor Suarez; the market consultant, the french Philippe Denain and the chief of international Relation of DGRV, the german Paul Armbruster. They all spoke about their experience and about the future and competitiveness of the agrarian sector and the cooperatives.


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