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Certified quality

Total Quality: products and processes throughout the chain

The commitment to quality is absolute by Grupo AN. It´s implemented in all the steps of the food chain, which is controled from the start to the end, both in terms of the products and processes. Always subjected to the most rigorous controls most renowned external auditors in each area, who are certified with their food stamps Grupo AN has been offering this to its customers and consumers for more than a century, thus adding to the overall safety trazabiliad conferring all certified quality cycle.

The certified quality policy has enabled to renew the consumer confidence in the Grupo AN´s products, for who the entire organization works for. Besides that, in the centuries of history of the company, we continue to set milestones in which quality is the main objective: The maximum operator in quality products and most recognizable in the world, such as asparagus or artichokes of Navarre and Tudela, first to offer certified 100% natural Chicken meat in the Spanish market , and also first operator of certified pork meat in the market ...

All this processes certificates come together to ensure that  things have been made right, being also pioneers in the implementation.

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