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Quality certifications

Product Quality

A seal that makes a difference. They offer a similar external image, because everyone wants to imitate the best, look like them. The certificate that makes them unique and recognizable, this gastronomic delight offers the pleasure of a leading brand to maximize the customer satisfaction and  for this the Grupo AN works in all levels of the production chain from the beginning to the end.

  • Asparagus of Navarre: Grupo AN is the leading provider of the most prestigious and recognized designation that certifies its Regulatory Board. To grant the certificate, the label that differentiates and makes us unique in the world, controlling the production that takes place in the small geographical area delimited by its climatic  qualities and soil fertility, for planting only authorized  varieties, like white asparagus, and rejects those who have not had proper cultural practices. Picked up the fruit, the Regulatory Council certifies only those that are perfect, both conformation and size and color, rejecting the ones with, holes, that are to small, purple, green ... Controls are also maintained in all processes, until the time of labeling, when they have passed all the checks, they get certified with the corresponding numbered seal. Only those are the real Asparagus of Navarre, those who carry the certificate, of which Grupo AN besides being the main operator is the only one, with our brand, Dantza that offer all possible formats: Fresh, peeled fresh protective atmosphere or vacuum, chilled, preserved.
  • Artichoke and Piquillo Pepper of Tudela, certified by their regulatory boards with the same controls as for studs of the Navarre geographical area where they are produced, varieties, cultivation, harvesting ... - also offered in unique formats, from the seasonal fresh to canned Dantza.
  • Coc Nature: Certified 100% Natural Chicken. First quality chicken meat certified CERTICAR Spain.
  • Certified Animal Feed: Caceco is the first feed mill of the northern half of Spain with all their products certified.


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