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Grupo AN has complete control of the cereal cycles both for poultry, fruits and vegetables. Managing these activities of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides allows total traceability of cereals, fruits and vegetables. Real Traceability, that goes from the label to the customer to the extent that they are also held by the company for the marketing processes with controlled grain stores and centers of fresh fruits and vegetables, canning plants, fourth and fifth range products, all facilities systems and process assurance are controlled and certificated by ISO, BRC ...

In meat, poultry and pork both Grupo AN is ahead in the markets to provide certified quality products. Something that achieved from complete control of cycles estirpres with selecting, breeding and rearing farms, hatcheries own, factory farms, feed mill, slaughtering centers , cutting, processing, processed and cooked. Industries avant-garde, also with quality systems and certifications, enabling continuous innovation for the customer.




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