• Quality assured, from our farms in the north of Spain to your table

  • Security, trust and the serenity of the largest cereal cooperative in Spain.

  • The authentic Asparagus of Navarre: fresh, peeled, canned...

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables... also canned: natural, without the use of acidifier.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables... also canned: natural, without the use of acidifier.


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  • Caceco
  • Belabarce
  • AN Energy
  • AN Insurances

Presentation of Grupo AN

Over one hundred years of experience certify the professional insight that characterizes Grupo AN, leader of agro-food sector with a turnover of 1.156 million Euros. Grupo AN is the largest cooperative producer of cereal in Spain and markets over a million tonnes of grain every year. The cooperative is also highly active on national and international wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed and sunflower markets. 

The firm, which commercializes more than 160.000 chickens per day, is the fourth largest operator on the poultry market; and it is also a world reference on the fruit and vegetable sector, due to its prestigious Asparagus from Navarre, Artichokes from Tudela and Pepper Piquillo from Lodosa, which are offered by the company in different formats: fresh in season, canned, fourth and fifth range... 

As an indisputable leader in the supplier market, Grupo AN commercializes 190.000 tonnes of fertilizers and 280 million litres of all kind of fuel, which is distributed in Spain through a 60 gasoline stations network, which are opened to the public. The company also provides to its partners with seeds, phytosanitary products and insurances. A centenary cooperative that places at its customers’ disposal all its production chain, in addition to its 42.000 farmers and livestock owners and more than 1.640 employees who are working in its own industries and business networks.   

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