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Revista nº 98, año III, viernes 28 de junio de 1912. Editada con "censura eclesiástica", tal y como reza la mancheta. Desde 1908 la cooperativa edita ininterrumpidamente la revista, hoy mensual con el nombre de Acción Cooperativa, la decana.

The centennial history of Grupo AN, which since 1908 has been publishing its magazine continuously for farmers and cattlemen partners to configure a vast and inexhaustible newsroom. Therefore, in these times of immediacy, we have considered to publish here only recent news, which may be of interested now, leaving in the first tab Grupo AN. This same menu inside the historical wink Centennial Title Company ..

At this site, which excludes the endless list of reports that have nurtured the regional and national press throughout history, you will find:

News. With the recent news that, by trying on the products or the Grupo AN´s business and agricultural campaigns may be of interest to customers and consumers.

Corporate image. Grupo AN logos defined with the centennial celebration in 2010, which incorporated for that purpose the imagotype reading "SINCE 1910" in addition to the logos of major brands Grupo AN and / or companies who work for processing and marketing the products of the cooperative: Dantza, for all fruits and vegetables; Caceco feed, Coc & Coc for poultry; Belabarce, for pigmeat and Uvanis for wines.

Grupo AN in the media. Succinct and random sampling of some of the recent news that may have interest 'direct link to the published media.

Photo Gallery. Exhibition of photographs of some of the most significant installations of the Grupo AN, as central Mélida poultry plant, fruit and vegetable center of Tudela, Olite service center ...

As throughout the site we do not intend anything else but to show a part of our company, although all sections are changing and remain open to meet with new  proposals from our users, we encourage everyone to send us all suggestions that they consider valid.


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