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The largest Spanish producer; with more than 1,6 million Tons

Grupo AN produces grains that are synonymous of quality, reliability and traceability; conventional, organic or integrated production. They are always granted with the prism of the quality guaranteed by external certifiers and absolutely insured traceability own sections of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

Grupo AN has interests in companies that set standards of production or marketing contribute to creating a very capable and solid structure that ensures total control of the cereal cycle from cultivation to marketing (traceability insurmountable):

  • Piensos Caceco: Grupo AN Company owned 100% dedicated to animal feed, with a production of over 200,000 tons per year.
  • Intermalta, S.A.: Malt Group leader in Spain and second in the European ranking.
  • Cerespaña, S. Coop.: Cooperative created by the group together with other cooperatives in several regions for joint marketing of cereals.

Over 1,600,000 Tons of high-quality grain directly for human consumption or feed intended to ensure the best feed, the best basis for Natural Food.


Cereals "a la carte" adapted to market needs

Producto Cereales

Grupo AN adapts its cereal production to the needs of its customers. To offer the product they really need for each client, we perform the separation in terms of achieving homogeneous lots varieties, that facilitate commercialization. Hard or soft wheat, pasta or feed, barley for malting or intended to create feed, corn and even rice, a very wide range covered by the Group for the customer AN always obtain specific cereals needed for each use.


Top Quality Oilseeds

Oil plants are plants whose seed or fruit oil can be removed in some cases and in other cases edible industrial use. Grupo AN offers two types of oil always under cultivation, harvesting, storage and logistics on their own means:

  • Rapeseed: Production mainly intended for subsequent production of biodiesel. 2,000 tonsProductos Oleaginosas Colza
  • Sunflower: Production for human consumption. 26,000 tons

Productos Oleaginosas Girasol

Protein Crops

Protein Crops for animal consumption

Grupo AN depending on the zones, the weather, the market and cultural practices, also grow protein crops like peas or beans:

  • Peas: Production for animal consumption. 2,000 tonsProducto Proteaginosas Guisantes
  • Beans: Production for animal consumption. 1000 Tn

Producto Proteaginosas Habas

Organic Cereals

100% Organic Cereals

Grupo AN also has a certified production and ecological targets both feed production and flower, semoline or ecological industry. Products that meet all specifications and requirements of organic farming.

  • Durum Wheat: Production industry used mainly for ecological semolineCereal ecológico trigo duro
  • Soft Wheat: Production for animal consumption on the one hand and one the other, for ecological flowerCereal ecológico trigo blando
  • Barley: Production used for the production of organic feedCereal ecológico cebada
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