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Grupo AN puts in your hands all the flavor from the garden directly from farmers plantations partners of the Grupo AN so you can fully enjoy it.  Under the brand Dantza, the best garden products, Ebro Valley with the most prestigious names in Navarre, such as asparagus,  Piquillo Pepper from Lodosa, Lettuce and Tudela artichokes to those who join, like Esla fruits in Leon and Segovia.

From the farm to your table

Grupo AN  puts in your hands all the flavor from the garden directly from farmers plantations partners of Grupo AN so you can fully enjoy it.  Under the brand Dantza, the best garden products, Ebro Valley with the most prestigious names in Navarre, such as asparagus,  Piquillo Pepper from Lodosa, Lettuce and Tudela artichokes to those who join, like Esla fruits in Leon and Segovia.

A clear strategy oriented towards the client with three goals, differentiation, competitiveness and service to become "your farmer". AN Group is different because its great structure allows it to offer units for sale as demand for its customers because we are ahead in food innovation, food safety and traceability.


  • Service. Grupo AN offers a comprehensive service to its customers ahead of the changes and offering varieties and packaging solutions with maximum quality for all types of consumers. Products well adapted to the needs of different market segments (flow pack, filmed, mesh baskets ...). A wide range of innovative solutions to optimize logistics and storage while offering all its freshness and convenience for the consumer.
  • Product QualityGrupo AN works to provide its customers with high quality and food safety is achieved through processes of production, handling and packaging environmentally friendly and backed by stringent certifications.
  • Competitiveness. The volume, capacity and Grupo AN structure allows you to enjoy very high levels of competitiveness. To be better and increase productivity guiding this evolution to our customers to be more efficient and competitive in quality and price so that business customers and the end consumer always get the best.

Fresh produce, harvested at the optimum time and prepared in the standardization and distribution centers of the Grupo AN, located next to the orchards of farmers. High quality, maximum flavor, maximum freshness.


Asparagus from Navarre

AN Group is the largest operator of fresh asparagus from Navarre 

The Navarre asparagus from the Grupo AN is a unique product, produced by our farmers partners under the rigorous controls and quality standards of the Regulatory Council of the DO I.G.P. Navarre Asparagus. A fresh delicacy that can only be enjoyed in season, everyone wants to emulate us as AN is the referent group market for its quality and because we only take in all its possibilities, the first operator to offer fresh peeled a numbered label and Control Board certifying their authenticity guaranteeing them as Asparagus of Navarre. Grupo AN Navarre Asparagus take them, on the same day from the fields of farmers partners to the consumer's table to enjoy the fullness of this exquisite product. And it does it following the traditional way, in manjos or boxes, selected according to size; cool but bare in trays with modified atmosphere to ensure their organoleptic characteristics and durability, and vacuum peeled fresh, chilled in hydrocooling, always under the control of the Council Regulator with a corresponding label that authenticates.


Grupo AN , the largest operator of peppers of Navarre

AN Group is the reference group in one of the most famous and exquisite products, the piquillo pepper of Lodosa. A delicacy that farmers cultivate partners under the requirements of the Regulatory Council of the DO Lodosa Piquillo Pepper I.G.P. in a small space surrounding the Navarra town of Lodosa. Intense flavor, texture and freshness unmatched total of the keys to providing a pepper that has no competition and AN Group offers but also fresh peppers roasted and peeled, ready to eat and succeed in the table.

Artichokes from Tudela

Grupo AN Artichokes , the best artichoke of the World

Grupo AN brings to the table the jewel of the garden of Tudela, the famous artichokes. Grupo AN farmers develop their culture within the parameters of the Regulatory Council of the DO Alcachofa de Tudela I.G. P. to make its taste, texture and quality are unsurpassed. Grupo AN offers an artichoke which is the industry benchmark for quality control from the origin and freshness.

Outdoor Vegetables

Vegetables of Navarre, one of the greatest exponents of Natural Food

Grupo AN makes available to the consumer the prestigious Navarre vegetables, grown by farming partners for decades and freshly picked, from the earth to the table. All fresh varieties to compose the delicious stew or to enjoy independently of each; Chard, fresh garlic, Pocha beans, green beans, borage, chard, chives, endive and pear tomatoes that meet the pickiest demanding a festival of flavor and one of the outstanding personalities of Natural Food.

Greenhouse Vegetables

Greenhouse vegetables; protected to preserve their flavor

When the rigors of the climate in the gardens, don´t allow our farming partners in the Ebro river valleys, Arga and Aragón, to cultivate, AN Group offers the best vegetables grown in the same places but protected greenhouse. In this way the most exquisite and healthy food never lacking in good taste: Tomato table, Zucumber, Zucchini, Batavia Lettuce, Lamuyo Peppers ...


Crucifer of Navarre source of health and taste


Temperature changes, between the cold nights and sunny days, make the orchard farmers growing Navarra Grupo AN in a privileged place for the production of high quality vegetables. Especially appreciated are the cruciferous that the group offers, both for industry and for fresh. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, red cabbage or references romanescu are healthy Mediterranean diet.

Of Mediterranean origin, these vegetables have more than 390 genera and 3,000 species. They are rich in fiber, beta carotene (provitamin A), vitamins C and K, zinc and selenium.To get more nutrients are recommended to eat them raw or steamed.



  • They protect male reproductive function, preventing prostate cancer.
  • They help to strengthen memory, mental impairment or delaying the onset of Alzheimer's.
  • They protect the skin, retarding or preventing the occurrence of skin cancer and other diseases.
  • They help boost the body's defenses.
  • They contribute to improving the treatment of colon cancer to be high in fiber


Pome fruits

Pome fruit, flavor and point of ripeness

They are produced in fruit care uptown Ebro Valley, where the boundaries of the crop reach more intense flavors. The exquisite pears, among which the conference variety, a name in the IGP of Rincón de Soto or golden or fuji apples, are a cherished part of Grupo AN range that offers all possible presentations to consumers thanks to the working farmers.

Stone fruit

Stone fruit, the freshest, with the most intense and juicy flavor like no other

Fresh, bold, juicy, tasty, with all its qualities and only during the season. Grupo AN farmers cultivate them in the highest of the Ebro Valley where they get the most intense flavor part. Fruit harvested at the fairest time of maturity to be standardized in Grupo AN plants at their arrival to the offer in all formats: Cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, flat peaches ...
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