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Olive Oil

The ancient olive oil flavor


Grupo AN oils arise from the tradition of ancient olive growing of the Ebro Valley, extracted in only the best conditions, guarantee the quality and the use of a the producing technology that limitis the number so the quality is increased to excellence.

All Grupo AN olive oils are of the highest cataloging: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil is varietal, without blending with pure flavor. It comes in three varieties Arbequina, Picual and Empeltre.

All the flavor of the olive groves of the Navarre Ribera, in the Ebro Valley, clustered into different products, packaging and varieties and are produced in both traditional and ecological way.

Ebro (mill) Almazara

Wide range to suit all needs

The olive oils of the highest quality, extra virgin are the ones that occur in the mill of the Ebro, located in the town of Corella, Navarre. Installations are created for maximum quality, from the cultivation to the processing, combining ancient knowledge with leading technology. Varietal always: Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Arbequina, Empeltre and Picual . In traditional and organic production.

Grupo AN sells the branded <Palatino> in all its forms to meet the needs of each client and consumer: Glass bottles with dispenser of 250 ml., 500 ml. and 750 ml., Breast liter bottle and 5 liter jerrycan.

Dantza Golden Series


Grupo AN through Dantza offers in its "Golden Series" the best extra virgin olive oils of the Ebro  mill, always of the highest quality, always monovarietales: Arbequina, Empeltre and Picual.

They are presented in glass bottles of 750 ml., 500 ml. and 250 ml., all with dispenser, to bring the best possible oils directly to the table.

The olive trees of Grupo AN partners, are located further north of the productive zone-Tudela-around, and get free special product features, full flavored, rounded, notably due to changes in temperature between night and day , the pronounced seasons and ancestral culture.

You can also taste the extra virgin olive oils in organic production, always natural, always pure olive juice.

Dantza offers its oils as the best additive for fresh or canned vegetables including them in their most exquisite portfolio, the "Golden Series".

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