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Grupo AN, with the breeding, processing and marketing more than 160,000 chickens per day is the fourth largest poultry in Spain, ensuring the highest quality-certified by CERTICAR-and offering total security and control by owning the entire production chain, from their own cereals that are processed at its factory in Caceco Feed, to the selection of the stocks, and start rearing farms, hatcheries, located in Guipúzcoa and Navarre, production farms in the northern half of Spain and avant-garde Processing Centers Mélida (Navarre) and Avila (Castilla and Leon) that provide us with the maximum competitiveness and are able to offer us a differentiated product, unique: The innovative butchering process, with fixed weight, durability, prepared and cooked in Spain, tested in the French market by our LDC partner, the largest operator in France and Europe. Traditional Chicken Coc & Coc in all formats and presentations, to which is added the chicken Coc Nature certificate with slow growth and 100% vegetable feeding guaranteed, made by Buenmenú ...

With the same traceability from the beginning to the end, offers the same commercial network itself, the first certified pork meat (by SGS) of Spain: Belabarce. The portfolio is completed with other kinds of meat, such as, rabbit meat, beef, sheep ...

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