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Coc & Coc Chickens Natural Healthy

Coc &Coc Chiken; guaranteed broiler chicken with the highest European quality

The main product line of the AN Group in the poultry sector is based on the broiler chicken, both white and yellow. To ensure the best quality, there is a selection of stocks origins, looking for a homogeneous genetic, stable and with better properties, both for the final consumer and the productive process itself.

The fattening farms are used in technologically oriented for the animal welfare, using the best available technologies. Farmers have the service partners and the advice of the AN Group, veterinary team , as well as their experts in animal nutrition.

The cycle control is total, keeping perfectly identified every animal, being totally controlled by their origin, feeding and growth, and providing a top quality product.

The maximum respect to animal welfare and the environment are essential premises of the AN Group, that are rigorously applied in their daily activities.

The resulting product is one of the best in Europe, absolutely guaranteeing food security and complete traceability.

Poulet entier

Carcasse européenne éviscérée et déplumée automatiquement (sans tête, cou, pattes, plumes, foie, gésiers et poumons). Couverture avec peau.

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