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Coc&Coc Chiken Nature

Coc&Coc Chiken Nature; The high-range chicken with slow growth and 100% vegetable feeding

The line of top quality products are based on the production and processing of the Coc Coc & Nature chicken, encompassing a number of properties and superior attributes capable of responding to the most sophisticated demands of our consumers.

The control over the cycle is total, keeping perfectly identified each animal origin being totally controlled their feeding and growth. Like this we ensures the best quality of our product.

The two distinguishing aspects of AN Group Coc Coc & Nature Chicken, are the slow growth and the 100% vegetable feeding. With more than 20% of days of aging over common standards, this product delivers better organoleptic and sensory qualities, easily identifiable during the final consumption.

Caceco Feed, partner of the AN Group company, develops a special feed 100% vegetable based cereals, rigorously selecting raw materials for the processing process. The total control over the production cycle, the certification used in fattening farms (CERTICAR) and the use of best available techniques and technologies, resulting in a top quality product, highly valued  by the consumers.

Whole Chicken

European Channel plucked, gutted and automatically (without head, neck, feet, feathers, livers, gizzards, and lungs). Skin coverage. Yellowing.

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